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Splattered Paint


I aim to incorporate elements from the Abstract Expressionism movement. I want my art to be a unique experience to each viewer. My goal is to evoke a memory or emotion. The beauty of abstract art is that the viewer has the ability to explore the piece and allocate their own meaning. At the start of the semester I wanted to explore our psychological connection between color and emotion. I have recently decided to hone in on grief and loss specifically. I think grief is a common theme this year. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, or the lack of normalcy caused by the pandemic, it is evident that feelings of anxiety, anger, and loneliness can arise. These negative emotions can be beneficial. Sadness can open your eyes to detail that you could have overlooked. Anger can be used as a motivating force. Anxiety encourages finding a new solution to a challenge.  My work becomes more meaningful when I am personally invested. I am able to turn my internal thoughts into a physical piece. I use minimal materials to achieve this goal, including canvas boards, acrylic paints, and occasionally a paintbrush or two. I execute the process in a similar manner, making slight changes to see how it changes the way the piece comes together. I spread or drip the acrylic paints so while I am in control of moving the canvas, the paints combine in their own beautiful way. I want each and every person to make their own connection to my work. And that is ultimately my goal for this project.


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